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Apart from doing events and event communication Shorthand ECM also drive a new development of sailracing in Northern Europe. As almost all regattas are based on the concepts of World Sailings values and rules Morten Brandt Rasmussen is deeply involved creating an alternative that embraces other values and included more sailors. The concept is called Adventure Sailracing. It all started in 2012 where the first edition of Silverrudder Challenge took place. In 2018 he put down in words the core values of Vegvisir Race and Silverrudder Challenge and coined it OSASO: Open Adventure Scandinavian Adventure Sailracing Order - and the work is still in progress. 

The Core Values
The core values and configuration of OSASO are based on respect and dependency of nature and the sea, of your fellow participants and of the event organizers.
A main feature is that the boats racing are divided into to categories defined by the LOA of the boat. Hence, it takes no handicaps or theoretical calculations to find a winner of a category as the fastest boat wins.
Another other main feature is that the racing is governed by COLREGS the rules for preventing collisions at sea. This promotes seamanship, sportsmanship, fairness and of course safety.
The Order opens regatta sailing for a large audience as there is no demand for measurement certificates, club memberships or memberships of any national or international federations. 

The future 
The development of OSASO has a declaration of intent. However the intentions have already started to become real as older boats are optimized and new boats build particularly for participation in Adventure Sailracing Events like Vegvisir Race, Round Denmark Race, Midsummer Challenge and Silverrudder Challenge.  
In a near future the intention is to create and establish a OSASO box rule addressing sailors, designers, yards and influencers in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. The aim is to drive the development of both racing and yacht design in a direction that promotes the joy and pleasure of sailing fast and functional boats. Races that facilitate experiences of nature. A set of rules the promote the attitude of good seamanship, sportsmanship, respect and fairness among the participants and the organizers. 
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